We are Devlin Design Group!

Dan is the inspirational chieftain of Team DDG’s group of creative geniuses…and is a team-building, “Think-Meister” who continues to live the founding principles he used to establish this company more than 25 years ago.  These principles of Creativity, Knowledge and Innovation form the keystone of the company’s continuing success in dazzling television viewers around the world with Team DDG’s scenic masterpieces.
His creativity is fueled by two passions: his wonderful wife, and the pursuit of excellence. When not in his office in the high Rockies, he continues his pursuit of excellence on a mountain bike traversing high country trails most people only see on foot.  These soul-replenishing rides are bounded by discipline but nourish unbridled creativity. The inspiration from these daily adventures, through breathtaking scenery, coupled with Dan’s technological expertise is the blend that produces breathtaking scenery of another type—the most beautiful and technologically advanced story telling arenas in the world.  This balanced creativity has expressed itself in multiple and diverse achievements such as Team DDG’s recognition as the industry’s Set of the Year for three consecutive years…and many competitive recognitions through Dan’s participation in the Leadville Trail 100—a tortuous, 100-mile cycling marathon through Colorado’s rough country and 11-thousand foot high mountain passes. Dan brings this competitive edge to all he does and firmly believes that if you can imagine it…you can create it!
What can we say about DiFi that hasn’t already been said or written?  She is legendary in the TV biz with her many accomplishments and breakthrough designs.  She takes home professional awards and honors by the armful.  And DiFi is a well-known strategic thinker who delights customers with multiple solutions for each question.  Ok, that’s the professional stuff.  But on a personal level, what really motivates and inspires her?  She’s a classical pianist who is as comfortable with Bach and Brahms as she is with generating a new and exciting design.  Her branding prowess is only matched by her appreciation of fine wines.  And she derives as much simple pleasure from being around positive people as she does fearlessly wading into a brainstorming session with seasoned professionals.
In addition to being a graphics and animation guru, she is an Internet entrepreneur who has created, an innovative product that simplifies social communication for individuals and small businesses. What sets her apart in the intensely competitive world of scenic design is her passion for learning, her ability to share that knowledge with others, and her delight in mentoring people and then watching them soar.
Kartik is Team DDG’s inspirational spirit leader.  He has the uncanny ability to collect input from totally different sources, and then pull it all together to create designs that delight his customers and inspire their audiences.  And he does it every time. He finds his inspiration in odd places and at odd times.  His most creative part of the day is sometime after 2 AM when distractions are at a minimum and his full creative energies are at their zenith.
Kartik is a really interesting guy. He grew up in India where he always knew he would be a heart surgeon.  In fact, he was awarded a full scholarship to attend one of India’s most prestigious medical schools, but declined to pursue his creative passions…much to the delight of Team DDG customers around the world.
Remarkably intelligent and creative, he has always managed to find balance in his world.  As a young college student he found that balance backpacking through India.  He finds that balance now through his wonderful wife and daughter.  His passion is fueled by the desire to be the very best…a goal fulfilled with every one of Team DDG’s award winning designs. His work and his ability to create some of the world’s most stunning sets are living and breathing examples of Team DDG’s branding tent poles of Creativity, Knowledge and Innovation.   And he weaves the Team DDG brand essence into his interactions with his customers.  His eyes light up when someone says…”I know this isn’t possible, but what if we could….”  That is the precise moment Kartik begins crafting the design that transforms their ideas into dazzling reality.

Hannes is as complex as he is focused.  His blue-haired, punk band days in the 80’s prepared him for the world of competitive presentation.  He probably wasn’t thinking about that while loading the band’s kit into the drummer’s big yellow van before moving to the next gig.  He was also inspired by his scientist father’s analytic approach as well as his mother’s artistic influence which fueled his love of light, color, shadow and angles.  His continuing inspiration flows from his wife and two sons.  All these important life experience mosaic pieces prepared him for his future role at Devlin Design Group.
HIs Creativity and Knowledge are displayed through his customer focused approach to finding solutions, summed up by the phrase…”The answer is yes.  What is the question?”

Hannes is respected around the world for his sophistication and proven track record of success in the areas of lighting and staging.  But he will be the first to tell you that he continues to expand upon his creativity by looking at the world through the eyes of a child.  This approach keeps his mind open to the possibilities…and sustains his priorities of remaining inquisitive, compassionate and hopeful.

Laurel is dedicated to keeping each Devlin Design Group project on track by focusing all of her organizational talents on behalf of her customer. Her goal is on time, every time with no surprises. She’s a “Gitter Done” kind of lady whether it’s on a world class Team DDG project, being a Mom, or managing her ranch.

This talented multi-tasker knows how to juggle all of the many moving parts of a scenic project, anticipate challenges and then address them before they become problems.Her brain never stops. She’s always pushing herself to the limit, but does so through positive energy and an uncompromising focus on her customer. And like her Team DDG colleagues, she works hard, and plays hard as well. She manages to strike this balance through an awesome sense of humor and a true appreciation for simple pleasures.

You know, It’s quite a rush to manage a Devlin Design Group project from concept, to the accolades of a successful on-air launch. But something else puts a smile on Laurel’s face—every time. Cowboy boots on…both of her girls sitting in the pickup…windows down…country music on the radio…pulling the horse trailer into the mountains and hitting the trails. It doesn’t get any better!

Landscape Architect. Think about it. Her job as the Principal Landscape Architect for the City of Chula Vista, California involved the coordination of many creative people from diverse backgrounds, working with beautiful components and resources to create an awe-inspiring and dazzling environment. That’s a pretty good description of what Team DDG does with each and every project.

She is an artist at heart, whether it be through the creation of vast parks and natural spaces, or simply laying color to paper. The colors…the textures…the natural materials and palettes she experiences everyday are her inspirations. Her particular version of glue, or quiet magnetism that holds the team together is her regard for the well-being of others. She has the ability of making someone feel as if they are the most important person in the room.

If you asked the creative geniuses at Devlin Design Group to describe Mary, you might hear words such as Creative, Curious, Compassionate…and maybe even Magical!

Chief is 135 pounds of pure Alaskan Malamute.  You could say this Top Dog heads up DDG's morale department.  No matter what kind of day you might be having, just having this creative canine around the office always brings a big smile to your face.  He's pretty laid-back, but if you bring treats with you when you visit, he's your newest BFF.  His littermate Skye is a champion show dog living in Texas, and his other brother Rusty is owned by a forest ranger in the Sierra Nevadas.  If you ever hear snoring on the phone in the background, that's Chief!  Other favorite activities?   Chewing on tree limbs, chasing balls, squirrels and the occasional bear who wanders too close to the property.  His proudest accomplishment?  He's never missed a day of work at DDG!