Lighting Articles

Lighting Articles
5 May 2014

Broadcast Lighting Design

Lighting Design and proper fixture selection are the critical components to any broadcast set design, especially now.  With the broadcast industry deep into in the process of switching to HD, lighting design is more important than ever to add depth and dimension to the scenic and make your talent look its very best!

Using innovative florescent and LED fixtures, such as Brightline, DDG provides our Clientele with top of the line lighting solutions.  Brightline fixtures are based on advanced florescent & LED lamp technology and are extremely energy efficient, produce less heat thereby requiring less cooling, and are more cost effective since they have a longer lamp life than the incandescent lighting fixtures traditionally found in broadcast studios.

DDG also incorporates RGB LED color changing lights to backlight the acrylic scenic panels in our set designs. Using RGB LED's providing multiple color options for creating a variety of moods and diversity in lighting of our scenic.  These lights are more energy efficient, produce less heat than traditional scenic lighting, and provide far more creative bang for the buck!  Not to mention, the ever important environmental consideration and energy efficient components on our sets. It also helps us to provide cost effective solutions to our clients.

From award winning scenic designs, to experienced Lighting Direction, our team of HD lighting experts will provide you with the best lighting solutions for your broadcasts!

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